Corporate Social Responsibility

As a highly professional and proficient developer and manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in Taiwan, TTY Biopharm’s main vision and greatest social responsibility is to improve the quality of human life through technology. Over the past decades, we have been firmly committed to the constant development and launch of safe pharmaceutical products with maximum pharmaceutical effect with the ultimate goal of extending the precious lives of patients and enhancing their life quality.

In addition to the pursuit of excellent operating performance, TTY Biopharm also embraces the lofty principle of “benevolent corporate operations”. We comply with all relevant laws, place utmost emphasis on business ethics, and strongly oppose corruption. We are also fully aware of the growing impact of our company in the industry, the nation, and society following the expanding scope of our business operations, integrity and legal compliance therefore inform all actions of the Chairman and represent the core values of the Corporation. We aim to set a paragon by embracing a positive business philosophy in an effort to turn into a positive force of progress in society.

As an enterprise with a clearly defined mission, we bravely embrace the three dimensions of corporate social responsibility: corporate governance, social engagement, and sustainable environment. We aim to evolve into an excellent enterprise with international competitiveness, a charitable and benevolent corporate culture, and justice and fairness in our actions.

In response to recent trends in the field of corporate social responsibility, TTY Biopharm Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “TTY”) released the first CSR Report in 2016, and publish one per year since then. The report describes performance data and management approaches in the fields of corporate governance, environmental protection, products overview and safety, employee care, and social welfare to stakeholders under the premise of corporate sustainability. It also defines goals for future improvements and highlights the commitment to realizing corporate sustainability and citizenship through concrete actions.

2018 CSR Report