Audit Committee
The Audit Committee is comprised of three members.
Chairperson HSUEH, MING-LING 
 >MBA, Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania, USA
 >MS., Graduate Institute of Accounting, Soochow University
▸Current Employment
 >Independent Director, Yuanta Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
 >Independent Director, Lite-On Group
 >Independent Director, Walsin Lihwa Corporation
 >Independent Director, Yuanta Commercial Bank
Member TSAI, DUEI 
 >Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University
▸Current Employment
 >Independent Director, Compal Electronics, INC.
 >Independent Director, Taiwan Taxi Co., Ltd.
 >Independent Director, Getac Technology Corporation
Member LIN, TIEN-FU 
 >Common Accounting Group and Intermediate Accounting Group, Center for Public Administration and Business Management Education, National Chengchi University, Accounting Training
▸Current Employment
 >Chairman, Yuanta Futures Co., Ltd.