CSR Promotion Center

Each TTY department communicates with stakeholders through normal business dealings, routine investigations, interview analysis and other methods. The topics of concern to different stakeholders differ according to the nature of business. Therefore, we truly understand the needs and expectations of stakeholders through a diverse range of communication channels, and take into consideration of their perspectives to adjust our operations management. Moreover, we also provide appropriate responses to stakeholders' key concerns.

Identification of stakeholders

The BoD nominated Chang Kuo-chiang, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), to be the Officer of Corporate Governance on March 26th, 2019. To realize corporate governance, environmental sustainability, social welfare, corporate sustainability, and CSR, on October 7th, 2019, the Sustainable Development Committee was established under the Board of Directors with 5 members nominated from the directors based on the BoD resolution. The CSR Promotion Team is under the Sustainable Development Committee, and now named CSR Promotion Center.

CSR Promotion Center establishes the next year project plan at the year end, and reports to the Sustainable Development Committee and BoD. The 2020 project plan has been passed by the Sustainable Development Committee on November 13th, 2019, and reported to BoD on December 27th, 2019.

The CSR Promotion Center includes and enhances CSR information disclosure as required by relevant regulations. Relatable and accountable CSR information is revealed to contribute to information transparency.
CSR Information Disclosure items are as follows:
• BoD resolution-backed CSR policies, systems, guidelines, and action plans.
• The risks and impact to the company’s operation and financial status caused by the realizing corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social welfare.
• CSR action goals, measures, and achievements stipulated by the Company.
• Major stakeholders and issues of concern.
• Major suppliers’ management and performance disclosure of critical environmental and social issues.
• Directions for improvement and future goals.
• Other CSR information.

2019 CSR Report