Corporate Social Responsibility

TTY Biopharm’s main vision and greatest social responsibility is to improve the quality of human life through technology. By pursuit of excellent operating performance, TTY Biopharm also embraces the lofty principle of “benevolent corporate operations”, and which represents the core values of the Corporation.

TTY supports the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations, and explains based on specific management guidelines and beliefs to achieve the SDGs through material topics as stated of Corporate Governance, Social Participation, and Environmental sustainability. We pinpoints to the 13 goals of: 1.Help end poverty; 3.Stay well; 4.Learn and teach; 5.Treat everyone equally; 8.Do goo work; 9.Make smart choices; 10.Be fair; 11.Love where you live; 12.Live better; 13.Act on climate; 14.Clean our seas; 16.Make peace and 17.Come together as main development items in 2019.

In response to recent trends in the field of corporate social responsibility, TTY Biopharm Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “TTY”) released the first CSR Report in 2016, and publish one per year since then. The report describes performance data and management approaches in the fields of corporate governance, environmental protection, products overview and safety, employee care, and social welfare to stakeholders under the premise of corporate social sustainability. It also defines goals for future improvements and highlights the commitment to realizing corporate social sustainability and citizenship through concrete actions.

2019 CSR Report 2019 CSR Summary