Stakeholder Engagement
Identification of stakeholders
The company has identified the following four primary stakeholder categories through votes by department representatives based on the counterparties of business dealings conducted by internal departments and the impact level of company activities, products, and services in consideration of the six main principles of stakeholder identification (responsibility, influence, proximity, policy and strategic intent, representation, dependency) listed in the AA1000 SES standards.
Communication with stakeholders and identification of issues of concern
Each department communicates with stakeholders via regular business dealings, routine surveys, and interviews. Issues of concern to stakeholders vary depending on the nature of business dealings. The company therefore relies on diversified communication channels to gain a firm grasp of the demands and expectations of stakeholders. Operation management is adjusted based on stakeholder views and appropriate responses are provided for the main stakeholder concerns.利害關係人溝通與關注議題表
Stakeholder Contacts
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