Stakeholder Engagement
Identification of stakeholders
The company has identified the following four primary stakeholder categories through votes by department representatives based on the counterparties of business dealings conducted by internal departments and the impact level of company activities, products, and services in consideration of the six main principles of stakeholder identification (responsibility, influence, proximity, policy and strategic intent, representation, dependency) listed in the AA1000 SES standards.
Communication with stakeholders and identification of issues of concern
Each department communicates with stakeholders via regular business dealings, routine surveys, and interviews. Issues of concern to stakeholders vary depending on the nature of business dealings. The company therefore relies on diversified communication channels to gain a firm grasp of the demands and expectations of stakeholders. Operation management is adjusted based on stakeholder views and appropriate responses are provided for the main stakeholder concerns.
Please fill-out the questionnaire to stakeholders
Questionnaire to Stakeholders
Key Topics and Concerns Raised
The following table shows the 2020 achievement with stakeholders, which is presented on March 19, 2021, by CSR Promotion Center to Sustainable Development Committee (SDC):
Stakeholders Material topics of concern Communication channels between two parties Communication Frequency Results
Government agencies
  • Corporate Governance
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Sustainability Development Strategy
  • Regulatory Compliance
Visit; Phone; Official correspondence letters; E-mail; Dissemination; Policy and regulation training; GIA (Government, Industry, Academy) seminar; Regulatory audit; Questionnaire Irregular intervals
  • 4-time participation in TPEx disseminations
  • 4-time participation in GIA seminars
  • 470 official correspondence letters
  • Occupational safety audit
  • Toxic substance drill
  • GMP routine inspection
  • Regulations briefing
  • Industrial waste operation audit
  • Labor/management relations, Human Rights
  • Workplace Environmental Health and Safety
  • Recruitment and Turnover rate
  • Remuneration
  • Training and Development
Annual performance interview and evaluation
Labor and employer meeting
Personnel announcement; Internal employee website; Sexual harassment complaint channel; Infringement report; Stakeholder complaint box; Orientation plan and satisfaction survey; Worker welfare committee; Internal training and e-learning; External training fund; Questionnaire
Twice annually

Irregular intervals
  • Initial setting, mid-term adjustment and final assessment. 97.03% of employees underwent regular performance checks in 2020.
  • 4 labor and employer meetings on 3/24, 6/23, 9/22 and 12/25.
  • 1 employee complaint case in 2020. [Case received on 1/3, reviewed on 1/21 after investigation.]
  • Orientation plan (satisfaction survey included) started in July 2018; satisfaction rate in 2020 scored 91.075 out of 100.
  • New hire turnover rate 6.07% (calculation based on the new hire stay for more than 6 months.)
  • Worker welfare committee created according to Employee Benefit Regulations and in charge of the welfare of the workers.
    Annual budget and welfare for marriage, bereavement, illness and childbirth; birthday cash, festival cash and travel subsidy.
    -2020/1/21 Announcement for the commencement & subsidy amount for employee travel
    -2020/3/2 Announcement for the educational subsidy (2018 first semester scholarship/study aid)
    -2020/7/31 Announcement for 2019 employee health examination
    -2020/9/24 Announcement for the educational subsidy (2018 2nd semester scholarship/study aid)
    -2020/9/12 Family Day – Pushin Ranch
  • 24 professional courses in 2020. Internal course satisfaction rate 4.61/5. 6.55 training hours/person/year.
  • 109 received subsidies for external learning courses. Total 2,956.5 training hours and 308,100 TWD reimbursed. The learning results are presented by written reports and presentations.
  • Responsible products and manufacturing
  • Customer Health and Safety
  • Marketing and Labeling
Exhibition; Academic event; Educational seminar; Academic platform; Clinical trial; Factory visit and inspection; Visit; Phone; E-mail; Written letter; Questionnaire Irregular intervals To produce and provide quality products and market-oriented services for domestic and international customers, the following actions and activities are organized (including but not limited to):
  • 11 domestic/international medical seminars and exhibitions
  • 87 educational/academic seminars/activities
  • Academic platform: establish 3 platlforms and maintain the Taiwan Hematology Academy
  • Clinical research: 9 cases of Oncology and severe illness
  • 21 factory visits by 100 participants
  • Operational Performance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Shareholder Participation
Annual shareholder meeting; Annual report
Quarterly financial report
Operational announcement
Investor conference

Material information announcement; Press release; Corporate website; Phone; E-mail; Investor relation mailbox; Share affairs and investor contact; Reporter Q&A; Domestic and international analysts visit; Questionnaire

Quarterly or more frequently
Irregular intervals
  • 39 material information announcements in Mandarin/ English
  • 65 e-mail replies
  • 4 investor conferences (3 in Taiwan, 1 overseas)
  • 8 conference calls
  • 9 foreign analysts’ visits
  • 35 local analysts’ visits
  • 25 replies to shareholders’ calls
  • Sustainability Development Strategy
  • Corporate Image
  • Supplier Management
Supplier survey
Supplier audit
E-mail; Phone; Visit; Questionnaire
Irregular intervals
  • The new suppliers fill-out the "Supplier questionnaire".
  • Renew the supplier questionnaire once every 3 years to ensure the information of the suppliers are up-to-date.
  • Due to Covid-19 outbreak, the visit to suppliers of raw materials without conduct on-site supplier audit, instead of to confirm whether the supplier's operation and supply status are stable by phone and e-mail.
  • Workplace Environmental Health and Safety
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Industrial Interactions
E-mail; Visit; Phone; Meeting; Education; Questionnaire Annual or Irregular intervals
  • On 2/23 & 9/18, Chungli Industrial Labor Safety and Health Promotion Association and Industrial Zone Regional Joint Defense Organization Assembly to provide communication channels, training and education of member companies at the service center.
  • On 5/22, Taoyuan City Fire Department Neili Branch to conduct annual firefighters simulation drill at TTY.
  • Workplace Environmental Health and Safety
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Industrial Interactions
E-mail; Visit; Phone; Meeting; Education; Questionnaire Irregular intervals
  • Ordered products of Taiwan Foundation for the Blind in NTD 1.89M.
  • Sponsored Hope Foundation for Cancer Care in NTD 1M to support sholarship and study aids for children from cancer-affected family.
  • Participated charity fundraising activities and donated NTD 120,000 to social welfare organizations.
  • Cooperated with Tamsui Traveler to organized a cultural and historical tour of Tamsui River.
  • Notification of industrial policies and orders.
  • Keelung Industrial Association Labor Training Course
Stakeholder Contacts
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