Social Welfare

As the leader of the biotech industry, TTY Biopharm has actively participated in social welfare activities for many years. We believe that businesses should care for the local society by feeding back more than what they have gained from it.


Employment opportunities for the socially disadvantaged
In an attempt to encourage rare disease patients to live a perfect and dignified life, TTY Biopharm adopts the policy of hiring people with Down syndrome to assist in cleaning work in office areas. In doing so, we provide people with Down syndrome a way to support themselves and blend into the society, and create opportunities for employees to understand, learn and be with people with disabilities. They seem to lighten up the spirits everywhere they go, as a simple smile and greet would bring them confidence and joy.


Cancer prevention seminars at rural schools- more than 300 sessions for 14 consecutive years
Since 2005, TTY Biopharm's TOT business group has been working with cancer-related non-profit organizations to organize a series of seminars on cancer prevention diet for junior high school students. Each year, speakers would travel to remote locations in Taiwan to promote cancer prevention diet at junior high schools. In 2019, we invited medical specialists from major medical centers to host our 39 seminars at 39 different jenior high schools at remote areas in Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, Miaoli, Hualien, Taitung, Kinmen and Penghu. Through these seminars, we hope to strengthen cancer prevention education in the nation.
The purpose of this seminar series is to convey the correct knowledge and method of preventing cancer and living healthy life to junior high school students. Through knowledge transfer, we hope that these junior students may help their family members develop a correct understanding and idea of preventing cancer, starting from the little things in daily life. This program invites volunteers from the medical industry, regardless of physicians or nurses, to contribute knowledge and share ideas about cancer prevention and healthy living starting from the fundamentals.


Health development programs at rural elementary schools - more than 15 sessions for 8 consecutive years
Since 2012, employees of TTY Biopharm have taken turns volunteering to conduct health promotion events at elementary schools in Ludao, Taitung. By introducing fun competition, the volunteers gave their full-hearted attempt at teaching children to stay away from cancer risk factors at a young age. Now into its 8th year, the program has been favored and supported by students, teachers and principals of Ludao Gongguan Primary School and Ludao Primary School. These efforts may not seem grand by any measure, they are things that the volunteers feel able, willing and satisfied in doing. By sharing our knowledge with those in need, we hope to constantly direct people's attention towards preventing cancer.
Health seminars for cancer patients and family members
For patients who are currently undergoing or have just completed cancer treatment, TTY Biopharm organizes health promotion seminars on various topics to help patients overcome the discomfort caused by such diseases and treatment, and bring their family members with the correct knowledge to accompany the patients in fighting cancer. A total of 6,025 patients participated in this seminar since year 2009.


Children's scholarship for cancer-struck families
Age of cancer incidence in Taiwan has lowered continuously over time, and it is increasingly popular for a family's main financial support to be diagnosed of cancer at a time before the children reach adulthood. As a family becomes burdened with additional spending from disease and treatment, it eventually affects children's lifestyle or willingness to study. In an attempt to relieve the financial burden of cancer-struck families so that their children may study and grow without disruption, TTY Biopharm has been sponsoring HOPE Foundation for Cancer Care since 2010 by offering study aids at NT$20,000 per student from cancerstruck families. In 2019, HOPE Foundation for Cancer Care received total 283 applications from students, and TTY Biopharm sponsored a total of 75 college students and contributed a sum of NT$1 million to the program each year.
A portion of this sum was also used to support the foundation's "HOPE Camp - Young Volunteer Training" program. Because it is difficult for children of cancerstruck families to find someone to talk about their parents' disease in life, the foundation organized a HOPE Camp with experienced volunteers who, under the guidance of the leader, embarked on the mission of listening to children about changes in their physique, mind and family during their parents' illness. Meanwhile, the volunteers also contribute their support and encouragement in return. This type of sharing helps children of cancer-struck families develop the right perspectives about their parents' illness and relieve the stress they suffer during this time. Contributions from the volunteers also help children find their directions toward future life.


Support for's "Donate for Love" campaign
The Company has been sponsoring the "Donate for Love" campaign organized by, an online financial media, for 2 consecutive years. Funds raised from "Donate for Love" are allocated to support more than 20 social welfare institutions, including Tsz-Ai Mercy Hospice, Kaohsiung Autism Foundation, and Miaoli County Yu An Children's Home.