Comprehensive Training
Nurturing and Developing Talent
TTY invests resources to encourages lifelong learning and knowledge sharing, assists in the planning of learning plans that meet individual characteristics, arranges education and training according to functions, and establishes a fair evaluation system to explore talents and promote their potential. We hope that our colleagues can implement the core values of TTY in an honest, practical and innovative manner through the recognition of the core values of the organization.

Internal and offsite trainings of year 2023 calculated an average of 4.58 hours of classes per employee, of which male Factory staff representatives received the most training, topped by 5.70 hours per person; followed by 5.66 hours of female Sales and Marketing attended. All employees have attended and completed training. We encourage learning and growing through internal and external courses, empower employees to improve their skills to attain more challenging positions, and reach their career goals through self-development.
Performance Evaluation
TTY evaluate each employee's performance periodally and annually by the initial setting of the company and department as long as personal goals. We provide everyone with career development opportunities, and also formulates learning and development programs for employees of different ranks or positions, we encourage the colleagues to demonstrate the management abilities and fulfill the cole task of the corporate's expectation, to ensure the achievement of goals, and  also integrate the corporate culture into work behavior.
In year 2023, 96.26% of our employees underwent regular performance reviews, of which 209 employees were male (42.74%), and 280 female (57.26%). The remaining 3.74% were new employees in their probation period. Prior to the end of the new hiring period, supervisors provide performance evaluations by filling in the New Employee Probation Performance form.
Employee Training
"Acquiring knowledge quickly, transferring knowledge effectively, and transforming knowledge into consensus and organizational ability as soon as possible" is a critical path for a corporation to build core competitiveness. Therefore, TTY has continued to innovate and cultivate a great education, and training and development system, with short, medium, and long-term learning programs and targets.
TTY University combines the six programs of R&D, Technical Operations, Quality, Marketing, Sales, Leadership and Management, and Soft Skill programs. In year 2023, there were 24 in-person and online courses, not only helping colleagues engage in continuous professional development in their own professional field, but also aiding understanding of roles in other functions in the industrial chain to provide them with holistic industrial and organizational operations knowledge to create the best organizational performance.
Orientation is carried out over several days, both in-person and online, to familiarize new employees with the Company regulations quickly and effectively to mitigate business risk. This includes the following training sessions: Introduction to Confidentiality Management Regulations, Introduction to GMP Management, Introduction to Regulations Governing Pharmaceutical Patents, Introduction to the TIPS (Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System), Basics of Intellectual Property, Drug Safety Supervision, Information Security Education, Introduction to GDP Management, Introduction to Trade Secrets, and Environmental, Safety and Health. 82 attendees participated in orientation training sessions in year 2023.
To raise awareness of business risks and Ethical managements, we give various online and in-person courses. The former one focuses on Drug Safety Supervision, SDGs Good Life Goals, Information Security, Trade Secrets, Insider Trading Prevention and Material Business Incident Guidelines, promotion on Corporate Ethical Management, Building a Friendly Workplace, and Introduction to GDP Management. All employees have attended and completed training. We encourage learning and growing through internal and external courses, empower employees to improve their skills to attain more challenging positions, and reach their career goals through self-development.
Career Development
In light of the necessity of the advancement and growth of the TTY Group, the recruitment for qualified executives considers not only the talent pool outside the company, but also takes potential mid-high executives from our existing members and turns them into gems. This is done through an individuals' ability enhancement, cross-task training, timely job rotations, and overseas experiences. The plan is to build manpower capable of diverse fields of associated works for a more powerful, well-organized operation team with solid objectives. Apart from various sorts, such as software and hardware training programs and resources, further learning and development plans suitable for each level and task.
Moreover, employees with leadership qualities and outstanding performance are offered the opportunity to transfer to other positions within the company. We continue to expand the future workforce from external sources as well.
To ensure sustainable growth, 2 business management programs were held in year 2023 and an average of 23 employees were trained each session with a 4.6/5 satisfaction rate. 9 employees were transferred within the Company.
For each terminated employee, TTY shall submit a report with the arrangement for career guidance or vocational training needs. Severance pay issuance will be made according to Article 11.