Contractor Occupational Safety Management

In order to ensure the safety and health of employees and contractors, TTY shall be in accordance with Article 26 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, when all or part of its business is delivered to the contractor, inform the contractor in advance about the working environment and all known hazardous factors. The safety and health regulations of its business measures are to be adhered to as per TTY’s formulated "Contractor Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Standards". Before the outsourcing of various work, the two parties must jointly sign a contract. During the contract period, in addition to observing the provisions of the engineering contract, both parties should also abide by relevant laws and regulations, such as the government's occupational safety and health regulations, environmental protection, and fire hazard-related regulations.
In addition to providing complete occupational safety and health education and training for TTY employees, the Company also carries out occupational safety and health education and training for dispatched employees and contractors. In year 2022, TTY held 4 training sessions for dispatched personnel, totaling 19 participants, and 24 sessions for contractors, totaling 173 participants. In addition, the Company also provides health consultation services for dispatched personnel. If dispatched or contracted personnel encounter an emergency, the Company will provide basic emergency medical assistance and assist in sending them to the nearest hospital for a consultation.
For major engineering contracts or construction work, TTY also requires the contractor to designate the person in charge of the contracted project as the commander, supervisor, and coordinator of the large-scale construction, during design stages and prior to the start of each project phase. Reports covering hazard identification, risk assessment, and measures to control such elements according to the assessment results should be presented based on the design, construction methods, and execution patterns. The contractor should receive confirmation and approval from TTY before any formal construction could begin. In year 2022, TTY did not record any occupational hazards with contractors.