TTY Friendship

Yu-Cheng Social Welfare Foundation was established by the Parents' Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability and the society. By jointly raise funds to provide life-long services for the mentally disabled, and to expand the scope of services, it became a national foundation on August 9, 2001.
Since then, there are 28 development centers and workshops to provide day care, part-time care, and home care for early childhood treatment, as well as day care for adults with mental disabilities, night accommodation, and career reconstruction (including case management, counseling assessment, pre-employment preparation, sheltered employment, supported employment, job redesign, etc.), and nursing services for the severely handicapped, and provide parenting lectures, party activities, etc. According to the needs of the handicapped and their families For family services, the Association serves more than 35,000 people with disabilities and their families in the Taipei area every year.
At the same time, upholding the service concept of "parents will never give up", the association provides life-long services to the mentally handicapped to accompany the elderly, and plays the role of guardian at different stages of life. Whether in the family, society or organization.


A Mid-autumn Festival Time with the Less-privileged
TTY gathered 27 employees and family members to accompany and celebrate mid-autumn festival with the mentally disabled people. The event helped to create a “home” style moment for those who lost their parents or were not looked after. “Boshiyuan” brought western and Chinese food, hosted fun group games, and provided them with the support and resources they needed.
Furthermore, TTY’s fundraising event successfully raised NT$17,000 for the Foundation, in hopes of benefitting their activities and operations. TTY expects everyone to live positively and grow with a public-welfare mindset.



Employment opportunities for the socially disadvantaged
In an attempt to encourage patients with rare diseases to have a perfect and dignified life, TTY Biopharm adopts the policy of hiring people with Down’s syndrome to assist cleaning work in office areas. In addition to help by training to support themselves and blend into the society, it also create opportunities for employees to understand, learn and to get along with rare diseases group or disabled people. A smile and a simple greet would bring them full of confidence and happiness.