Waste Management

In order to achieve environmental sustainability and sustainable governance, based on Article 28.2 of the Waste Disposal Act, a total of five dedicated waste disposal personnel allocated at Neihu, Lioudu, and Chungli Factories, are in place to conduct related business. According to Article 31, TTY’s waste disposal plan was submitted to the special municipality, county, or city competent authority for review and approval before the operation. Qualified cleaning agents who work under contract to clean and dispose of industrial waste and daily rubbish were according to the related laws and regulations.
Regarding the direction of cleaning, transportation, and follow-up of waste operations based on government regulations, waste disposal companies are obliged to report their transportation vehicles, and these vehicles should only be used for waste cleaning and transportation.
All vehicles carrying TTY waste must be equipped with a GPS device capable of at least a 90% route-track feedback rate (for authority and TTY timely monitor). Other than weekly articulation and GPS abnormality follow-ups, track and confirm that the issues would be checked and corrected by contractors monthly, to ensure the waste streams are under control, and partners under enhanced examination.
The annual visit & onsite inspection keep up with the results of waste disposal and its flow. Unscheduled follow-ups are arranged to ensure the company’s legal practice of waste cleaning and transportation. No violation, severe leakage nor regional impact caused by the factories was reported in the year 2021.

Disposal Operators Inspection Results

Factory Weekly Articulation Rate Monthly Articulation Rate No. of physical Inspection No. of Unscheduled Follow-ups
Chungli Factory 100% 100% 1 1
Lioudu Factory 100% 100% 2 3

TTY Waste Classified by Compositiond for Recent 5 Years (Unit: Ton)

Year 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Hazardous industrial waste 12.64 19.08 15.83 25.18 25.59
General industrial waste 10.92 13.04 10.13 13.95 19.43
Total waste 23.56 32.12 25.96 39.13 45.02