Energy Conservation & GHG Emission
Following the position of leading biopharm companies in Taiwan, TTY is deeply concerned about public health risks such as climate change and diseases spread through unclean air and water, and improper hygienic behaviors. In addition, increasing supportive data indicates that certain disease patterns are related to changes in climate conditions. As a result, a reduction of energy consumption has always been one of TTY Biopharm’s major goals, and have been researching on how to increase the proportion of green energy in the future. Committed to “sustainable development” and “responsible energy consumption”, in year 2020, we continue our strategy of firstly, reducing the use of resources, and secondly, searching for methods to replace fossil fuels.

Review the past years, energy useage and greenhouse gas emissions have increased due to increased productivity. To make effective use of energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, TTY Biopharm has plan short-, medium- and long-term energy conservation and carbon reduction goals:

• 3-5 years short-term goals: planning and implementing energy saving and carbon reduction plans for lighting, electric power systems, air compressor systems, and air conditioning systems, and reducing annual energy useage and greenhouse gas emissions.
• 6-10 years mid-term goal: Implementing greenhouse gas inventory in accordance with ISO 14064-1, establishing a base year for reductions.
• Over 10 years long-term goal: total greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 can be 5% less than the 2020 yearbook.

In year 2020, following the Bureau of Energy's "Energy Conservation Goals and Implementation Plans for Energy Users", two major TTY manufacturing sites reported relevant results over that period. Overall, the five energy-saving measures formed at both the Lioudu and Chungli factories have conserved 85,936.5 kWh of electricity. CO2 emissions volume has decreased by 47,608.8 kgCO2e compared to the previous periods.

Based on the goals we set, the measures taken are as follows:

Year Lioudu Factory Chungli Factory
2016 Street lamps replaced, hot water pumps modified Air compressor adjustment
2017 Cold water temperature control, reduced hot water pumps tempature Green LED lights, air compressor adjustment, cold water temperature control
2018 New natural gas boilers system adjustment, cold water system adjustment Green LED lights, adjust hot water pumps pressure
2019 Green LED lights, cold water temperature control Cooling system, consolidation of chiller units
2020 Green LED lights, cooling water pump operation control Consolidation of chiller units, green LED lights, lower chiller pumps operation frequency

Energy Intensity (Unit: MJ / Revenue-Thousand NTD)

GHG Emission Intensity (Unit: tonCO2e/ Revenue-Million NTD)


In year 2020, with the impact of COVID-19, the inventory increased and orders from local and international buyers dropped, resulting in an increase in energy intensity and GHG emission intensity from the previous reporting period. The demand for new dosage forms from the Lioudu factory also resulted in higher energy use as opposed to the last period.
In the future, TTY shall continue to work on the reduction of energy consumption and GHG emissions through the better practice of electricity-saving measures and higher energy efficacy, devoted to a greener and healthier Earth.