Attractive salary
We consider our employees are most valuable asset and the main pillar of stable growth and sustainable operations. Long-serving employees are publicly recognized on an annual basis and are presented rewards for appreciation of their efforts and contributions so as to underscore the company’s human-oriented approach. Salaries are determined on objective factors such as career experience, professional abilities, and position applied for. Our starting salaries are higher than requirements set forth in the Labor Standards Act. The salary regulation also embraces the concept of gender equality and equal treatment for both genders. In addition, TTY respects high emphasis on merit pay and promotion system. Employees are eligible for generous raises and through well promotion tract in accordance with internal performance appraisals.
*Salary structure: Diverse salary structures are designed in accordance with job attributes.
*Performance bonuses: Bonuses are awarded based on overall corporate operation and personal performance in accordance with internal performance appraisal guidelines to ensure a clear linkage between performance and remuneration.
*Annual raises: Two opportunities for merit increasing (performance-based and special raises).
*Promotion system: Transparent promotion system, initiation of talent retention plans, and promotions in recognition of exceptional performance.