About TIT
Vision and Mission
We are continuing to make progress and maximize our potential to become a better pharmaceutical company in the territory for intensive care. We have not only equipped with the well-established antibiotics for moderate to severe infections, but also tried aggressively to explore more good products to fulfill current unmet needs for anesthesia and emergency or intensive care. TTY continues to introduce new and breakthrough drugs, provides more medical solutions to Taiwan in emergency and intensive care fields.
We will continue to develop and search for good products based on high quality of standards to assist physicians and medical specialties to fight disease since we are always the best partner of the medical professionals. We will stand by physicians to try the best and every effort to save the lives for emergency of critical ill patients away from the threats of death. Then the patients would conquer the diseases and win back their health again.
Market Outlook and Expanded Scope
Along with the busy international communications and information exchanges, we are not satisfied with staying in the Taiwan market. Recently, we are expanding our reaches to many other countries around the world to introduce our products there. TTY will join where ever there are unmet intensive care or critical needs. We anticipate to provide our products and services to help more domestic and overseas patients with critical intensive care needs. We would like to leverage our expertise to keep those patients away from the fear of disease and mortality threats.
Moreover, we are collaborating with many famous big international pharmaceutical companies to seek for more good products for our people here when we are developing more good products on our own. Eg. German developing Pharmaceutical company, Paion; MSD, the US Pharmaceutical company, and Asahi Kasei Pharma headquartered in Japan etc. are all our current or past partners for providing good products for our customers through coorperation, to solve medical need of anesthesia and emergency or intensive care and benifiting domastic and overseas patients' health and well-being.