TTY Group

TTY Mexico Subsidiary
TTY Biopharm established a subsidiary in Mexico City in June, 2018 in order to promote internationalization and expand the Latin American market. As a 100% holding company of TTY, it focuses on the marketing of new drugs or Generic drugs with market value, and then emphasizes the development of clinically effective pharmaceuticals for Mexican patients. In the first phase, anti-cancer drugs are planned to be launched, and a total of two oncology drug licenses have been obtained in July and December 2020 respectively.


TTY Korea Subsidiary
The Korean subsidiary of TTY Biopharm was established in Seoul, South Korea on September 28, 2018. It is a 100%-owned subsidiary of TTY. The company is committed to marketing cancer and anti-infective drugs. Its corporate strategy is to develop the Korean pharmaceutical market by a dual-track model of internally developed and authorized special formulations of generic drugs and authorized new drugs. A drug license and new drug authorization has been granted in 2021, and it is expected that 1 to 2 drug licenses and new drug authorizations will be obtained during 2022 to 2023.


ATB Thailand
In 2000, ATB Thailand was established in Bankok. With comparable profitability like other MNCs , ATB Thailand is the one and only Taiwanese company that markets its products with its own brand name and its own commercial team based in Thailand.

ATB Philippines
In 2004, with the successful business track records in Thailand, TTY decided to break into the 2nd most populated ASEAN markets (Phillippines) by establishing ATB Philippines in Manila, and with the focus on developing and marketing new specialty generic products, ATB Philippines has become the most professional company in commercializing oncology products locally.

Pharma Engine, Inc.
TTY founded PharmaEngine, Inc. in 2001. Its main investors included TTY as well as National Development Fund, Executive Yuan and other major domestic biotech venture capital firms. Stocks of PharmaEngine, Inc. was registered and traded over the counter in 2013. PharmaEngine, Inc. is a new drug development company, dedicated in anti-cancer drug development. PharmaEngine successfully authorized its new pancreatic cancer drug to US pharmaceutical company, Merrimack in 2011. PharmaEngine will continue its efforts in new drug development for treatment of pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, and brain cancer.


Worldco Int. Co., Ltd.
In 2005, TTY registered a wholly owned subsidiary company in Hong Kong. Worldco is focusing on disease categories of antibiotic ID, CNS, and Liver, and its mission is to enter Chinese market with its high-barrier, efficacy-proven drugs with innovative formulations.

TSH Biopharm Co., Ltd.
In 2010, TTY spin-off the medical drugs business office to set up a TSH Biopharm Co., Ltd. TSH started stock registered and traded over the counter in 2012. TSH is dedicated on R&D and marketing of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and auto-immune disease drugs.

CY Biotech.
In 2011, TTY split its "Consumer Healthcare Business" to establish "CY Biotech." CY Biotech is committed to the medical services of healthcare. Aiming at improving health condition and life quality of consumers, CY Biotech provides quality, effective and innovative products and services to satisfy consumers' needs in health.


EnhanX Biopharm Inc.
In 2017, TTY Biopharm Company Limited and 2-BBB Medicines BV set up the Taiwan-based joint venture company EnhanX Biopharm Inc. for the clinical and commercial development of a liposomal drug with targeting ability by utilizing the so-called G-Technology, which enables the drug to pass the Blood-Brain-Barrier to enhance treatment of brain metastases and primary brain tumors. In the future, TTY will be responsible for the mass production of the liposomal product and becoming the leading global manufacturing base and technology platform for the specialty formulation drugs.