Sustainable Environment

Management Guidelines
As a pharmaceutical company enhancing the quality of human lives, TTY is aware that human being's health greatly relies on good environment, including clean air, water, and proper handling of waste. Therefore, TTY holds "environmental sustainability is the first priority of all operations" as the guideline for environmental protection management. All suppliers are requested to follow TTY's supplier management policies and continuously optimize processes to save energy and reduce the impact of operations on climate change.
Greenhouse gases are the main driver of global warming and climate change. TTY introduced ISO 14064-1 GHG Inventory Standards in year 2022, and passed with Independent Assurance Opinion issued by the 3rd-party, DNV Business Assurance, at the end of May, which will form the basis of our management guidelines and regulations for all energy-saving and carbon reduction measures to improve the energy efficiency of all operation locations.

GHG is the main culprit to climate change, therefore, TTY proactively disclose transparent information on air emissions. In year 2022, 2 major manufacturing sites Lioudu factory and Chungli factory had reduced 163,225.93 kWh of electricity saving and 83.08 tonCO2e via 8 electricity saving measures. It is expected to implement 6 electricity saving measures in year 2023, which may decrease 913,505.92 kWh of power and reduced 465.03 tonCO2e, so the energy emission intensity and GHG emission intensity were less then the prior year. In the future, TTY shall continue to work on the reduction of energy consumption and GHG emissions through the better practice of electricity-saving measures and higher energy efficacy.


In order moderate the impact caused by process to environment, all effluent is within the Water Pollution Prevention Act, local governance laws and sewage treatment plant “incoming water quality standards” in industrial zone. TTY assures that the quality of effluent not only meet requirements of relevant laws and regulations, but also better than sewer connection standards through installation of pre-sewage treatment facilities. Audit waste clearance contractors weekly and monthly assuring no violation of “Waste Clearance Act” or major pollution event and without causing impact to local environment, in order to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities of corporate citizenship.


Environmental Goal
In compliance with the relevant environmental law and international guidelines, TTY takes the initiative when it comes to environmental conservation and has worked with every possibility to minimize ecological impact in the manufacturing process. In year 2022, there was no significant fine for the violation of related laws; besides, all activities and business including operation and interior management of all TTY departments and sites should be conducted to fulfill sustainable environmental goals. Dedicated EM departments or personnel are to designate, facilitate and maintain EM systems and action plans such as proper water consumption, recycling, and related measures to enhance water usage efficiency. Meanwhile, monitor the climate changes’ impact on operational activities, policies and strategies were promoted to decrease carbon footprints and GHG emissions.


For our work crew, periodical environmental education focuses on the idea of being a sustainable consumer and going for the following 5 targets to build a good corporate constitution in environmental friendliness.

1. Reduction of the consumption of resources and energy on product manufacturing
2. Reduction of the discharge of effluents, toxic substances, and wastes
3. Proper waste disposal
4. The recycling and reuse rate of raw materials and products
5. Extend efficacy of product performance and durability