Sustainable Development Committee
In order to carry out the spirit of sustainable business and deliver CSR into practice by complying corporate governance, developing sustainable environment, and achiving social benefit, TTY set up the Sustainable Development Committee under board of directors (BoD) according to “Corporate Social Responsibility Practice Guidance” on October 7th, 2019.
The Sustainable Development Committee includes 5 members, who are all directors appointed by BoD, and at least half of them being independent directors. The responsibilities of Sustainable Development Committee include:
1. Formulate the policy, target, strategy and action plans for sustainable development, including E(environment), S(social), and G(governance).
2. Review the result of sustainable development, revise the target and relating regulations, and report to BoD periodically.
3. Ad-hoc task assigned by BoD.
Moreover, several teams are established in accordance with the organizational regulations under the Sustainable Development Committee to promote and execute the sustainable develop strategy. The executive secretary, who is also the Corporate Governance Officer, is responsible for managing relevant meeting and ad-hoc tasks assigned from the Sustainable Development Committee.
Chairperson Carl Hsiao (Director)
Member HSUEH, MING-LING (Independent Director)
Member CHENG, AN-LI (Independent Director)
Member CHANG, MING-DAO (Independent Director)
Member YANG, TZE-KAING (Director)