Salary & Benefits
Competitive Salary
TTY Biopharm is committed to create a caring and diverse workplace. We have 521 full-time employees by the end of 2022. By gender, 232 or 44.53% of employees were male, while the other 289 or 55.47% were female. By age, those in the age group of 30 years old and below accounted for 10.94%, while those in the age group of 31 to 50 years old accounted for 70.06%. On the other hand, those in the age group of 51 years old and above constituted 19% of total employees.
Meanwhile, employees' contributions are highly related to a company's growth, which is why TTY is committed to introduce a competitive compensation system. We emphasize equal pay for equal work, and there is no gender difference in salaries for the same position by considering and analyzing the comprehensive array of different backgrounds and experiences of the employees of each entry-level position. In year 2022, due to more male employees occupying managerial positions than females, the female-to-male salary ratio stood at 1.074:1.
Benefit Packages
TTY offers a leave system and insurance policy schemes that are superior to the requirements stated in the Labor Standards Act, and provides other benefits such as festive bonus, performance bonus, incentive and subsidy of various types. Driven by the goal to establish a corporate culture of people and care, TTY organizes events such as Family Day, local/overseas trips, Chinese New Year banquet, etc. and subsidizes club activities as means to unite employees and gain their recognition for the corporate culture.
As for the "Guideline for TTY Biopharma Pension Plan", it follows local employment regulations and specifies the retirement criteria and pension formula standards with respect to these calculations.
A Friendly Workplace
Diverse and inclusive talent recruitment is the engine of TTY's continuous innovation. TTY stands at a higher and better position knowing that our employees represent multitudes of diversity, whether it values, beliefs, race, age, gender, experiences, background. Everyone is given the opportunity to allocate themselves a stage to shine on within the Company. Consequently, we grow together, explore career possibilities, and live an enriched life. TTY strive to create an inclusive and non-discriminatory workplace that accommodates both male and female employees. Inclusiveness-mindsets are incorporated into our Human Resource Department to enable employees to fully perform their duties, and showcase their experiences and perspectives. Due to the requirement for the high-tech industry, pharmaceutical work relies heavily on the expertise and specific knowledge. We hire an equal number of female and male employees, regardless of the time of year. Our female employees have remained at more than 50% for recent 5 years, and 42.19% of women hold key leadership positions above manager level to demonstrating gender equality in the workplace.
Communication Channels
In compliance of Article 16 about the Minimum Notice Periods Regarding Operational Changes require notice prior to redundancy when upcoming major operational alterations or changes in labor conditions can cause the damage or potential damage to the rights and interests of workers.
The representatives of the TTY labor meetings are composed of senior executives and colleagues from respective departments. Regular meetings are held every 3 months to discuss issues such as the revision of labor conditions. In this regard, TTY complies with the Taiwan government's labor laws and regulations. No significant operational alterations that severely affected employee rights or large numbers of labor contract terminations were noted during the reporting period. TTY has implemented a newcomer adaptation plan since July 2018, which includes a satisfaction survey. In the new-employee satisfaction survey, every new recruit will be sent a notice by the system after 3 months of employment, and all of these surveys need to be completed within 6 months. In year 2022, a total of 48 newcomers fulfilled the surveys and the level of newcomers' satisfaction was 89%.
Meanwhile, to maintain the rights of the stakeholders, whistleblowing was provided as an option via mailbox:, and on the corporate website and internal employee website.
Parental Leave
The Act of Gender Equality in Employment clearly states the right to apply for unpaid parental leave (UPL). Employees may apply for unpaid parental leave before any of their children reach the age of 3 years old. The period of this leave is until their children reach the age of 3 years old, but may not exceed 2 years. During the period of unpaid parental leave, employees may continue to participate in their original social insurance program.