Social Participation

TTY is paying attention actively to the SDGs of UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) , and it is also our goal that the SDG 3 “good health and well-being”, is realized through affordable basic medication and vaccinations that are safe, effective, and of good quality.
Moreover, we engage our impact to fulfill SDG 4 “quality education”, SDG 5 "gender equality", SDG 8 “decent work and economic growth” and SDG 10 "reduced inequalities", aiming at a society where everyone is entitled to an equal and dignified learning environment and employment opportunity, and where inequality born from gender, religion, or economic status does not exist. The goal is to maintain an inclusive, sustainable society. As the leader of the biotech industry, TTY also focus on SDG 9 "industry, innovation and infrastructure" and SDG 12 "responsible comsumption and production", and it's expected to cultivate more professional technicians, and establish a high quality and circular economy society.


TTY Biopharm has actively participated in social welfare activities for many years. We believe that businesses should care for the local society by feeding back more than what they have gained from it. Therefore, it's visible of TTY's efforts and implementation in SDG 6 "clean water and sanitation", SDG 7 "affordable and clean energy", SDG 13 "climate action" and SDG 14 "life below water", and honored to receive the Corporate Philanthropy Award by Taiwan Organ Registry and Sharing Center in year 2020. Meanwhile, echoing SDG 16 "peace, justice and strong institutions" and SDG 17 "partnerships for the goals" is our ultimate goal to enter the international market and reach the world.
Not only participate the social welfare and give back the society to support the vulnerable groups, TTY takes the responsibilities to cultivate the biotech talents, and provides industrial experience by hosting the Summer Internship Program (SIP) for continuous 14 years, with a cumulative number of 363 interns were benefited from it.


TTY Chairman Lin Chuan formed the culture of the Company with the slogan “Be a Civilized Person”. Along with the aim to realize UN’s 17 SDG goals, TTY employees initiated “Boshiyuan”, a charity club to give without borders, to remember what we receive and to help the less privileged. “Boshiyuan” sets the starting point of the TTY public welfare value, gathers colleagues to offer care to society, and participates in activities that promote a healthy environment. These actions grow little by little into the daily lives of people and become part of TTY culture, intending to be there with and for the world.


Hospice Care

TTY is currently assessing a partnership with China Medical University Hospital on its Daytime Hospice & Care Service. It is a project for phase four inhabitants in Hospice receive palliative care at home. Professional home care nurses make home visits and perform relevant caregiving, helping the family with phase four related issues and the stresses it brings. It provides peace of mind for both the patients and their families. In the original project, the hospital splits the cost of the commute costs of visiting hospice nurses with the case family. TTY regards it as a privilege to be able to help and support the other half of this expense that is usually paid by the case family.
Apart from our business and corporate sustainability, public welfare stands with no less importance in our operational scope. The submission of the Daytime Hospice & Care Service project to our SDC at the year-end of year 2020 has earned approval and implemented in year 2021. TTY has carried out a total of 523 visits to hospice homes and patient care services in year 2021. This caring service leads TTY as the pioneer whoever to work without an NPO on palliative home care in the industry.