Contract Development Manufacturing
In addition to the well-known contract manufacturing, we are also a renowned Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (“CDMO”). Unlike clinical drug manufacturing or mass production simply under customer’s instruction, the so-called “Contract Development Manufacturing” provides “manufacturing” related total solutions of the pharmaceutical industrial value chain, such as R&D formulation, scale-up batch product, and even customized design for equipment and factory as well as subsequent commercial production. These respective functions are all indispensable if a small molecular compound is to be successfully developed into a product for the market. However, it requires investment and accumulation of large amount of funds, knowledge, experience and human resources in order to ensure complete preparation of these respective functions. This is exactly the field where we have been cultivating hard for a long time. Through contract manufacturing & design services we provide, collaboration partners are usually able to avoid unnecessary over investments and utilize appropriate resources to develop products matching market needs. This is the main factor of which we are able to continue to trust each other during long-term collaboration with internationally renowned vendors.