About TOT
In 2000, TTY BIOPHARM established our TTY Oncology Business Unit (TOT) in Taiwan. This unit is devoted to biotechnologies focusing on the development of anti-cancer therapy through drug R&D, and innovative international business strategies.
TOT specializes in knowledge of local cancer treatment in Taiwan. Other than choosing proper self-develop drugs, TOT aggressively collaborates with early-stage new drug research and development organizations and form alliances with regional strategic partners across the world in order to receive distribution license of new drugs. It deems assistance to patients in fighting cancer as its own responsibility. This allows Taiwan cancer patients to receive the latest international treatments for the purpose of enhancing cancer patient’s quality of life.
Core TOT Values  
  • Provide the right medication to the right patient at the right time.
  • Provide cancer patients with access to high-quality anti-cancer drugs at reasonable prices.
  • Enable cancer patients to achieve physical and spiritual well-being.
Four Major TOT Service Concepts
  • Professionalism: As a partner to oncologists and cancer patients, we will learn and grow together to find the best solutions for fighting cancer. We shall continue to focus in the field of oncology by pursuing and integrating the latest knowledge and the most cutting edge technology, and invest in R&D and promotion of innovative drugs and therapies.
  • Care: To demonstrate the value of our products, we shall provide patients and physicians with the optimal treatment plans, allowing the right patient to receive the right medication at the right time. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that patients have access to high-quality anti-cancer drugs at reasonable prices, thus enabling patients to achieve physical and spiritual well-being.
  • Innovation: We continue to strive for new ways to work and to co-operate with others. With a high degree of professionalism as our foundation, we hope to contribute by cutting time and cost to cater to unmet medical needs, yet still upholding diversity of culture and thought principles ingrained into TOT BIOPHARM.
  • Speed: We will always respond quickly and execute tasks with pragmatism, taking into account our corporate values and goals, and the needs of our customers.
TOT Focus on Three Types of Cancer Drugs
  • Specialty Drugs– To develop new formulation drugs and emphasis on developing new indications with the use of our core liposome technology.
  • New Chemical Entity– Continue to collaborate with other biotechnology companies to develop new chemical entity.
  • Innovative therapeutics– Focusing on emerging fields including immunotherapy and cell therapy.