Formulation Capabilities
Formulation Development
Optimize Your Clinical or Commercial Drug Products for Targeted, Controlled Delivery
TTY has almost 20 years of experience in developing formulations. Our core expertise is development of liposomes, microspheres, and other conventional products.
Our expertise includes:
  • Oral Immediate-Released: includes tablet and capsule
  • Oral Sustained-Release: includes tablet and capsule
  • Injectable: includes aqueous solutions, lyophilized products and oil-based formulations
  • Semi-solid: includes ointment and gel form
Available options include:
  • Hydrophilic and hydrophobic drug substances available
  • Scale-up, composition/ process optimization
  • Extrusion, homogenization/ microfluidization, sonication and other processes to restrict the size of particles
  • Formulation characterization, stability, in vitro/in vivo studies
  • Freeze-drying and lyophilization program design