Remuneration Committee
TTY aims to promote a better remuneration system to ensure that it follows the principle of impartiality when reviewing directors' and managers’ performance with regard to their economic, environmental, and social achievements. In year 2016, the membership of the Remuneration Committee, under the Board of Directors, are all acted with great prudence and performed their duties carefully and faithfully.
When deemed necessary, the remuneration system is reviewed and adjusted accordingly. In doing this, the procedure abides by the following: the industry standards, operational performance, achievment in their personal goals, and professional positions. Furthermore, periodic suggestions for adjustments on existing payment structures, assisting the Board of Directors in assessing the connection between the compensation level of directors and managers, as well the Company's operating performance, ensure the Company standards congruent with the existing laws. The aforementioned also helps to retain the principle of impartiality.
In the future, the Committee will assess the possible connections between Board members’ payment and their achievement of sustainability issues. This includes eco-protection, employee care, and social welfare. A thorough practice of sustainable operation is expected under the leadership of BoD.
The Remuneration Committee is comprised of four members including three independent directors, Mr. Hsueh, Ming-Ling, Mr. Zheng, An-Li, Mr. Chang, Ming-Dao, and Mr. Lin, Wen-Chan.
Chairperson HSUEH, MING-LING (Independent Director)
 >MBA, Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania, USA
 >MS., Graduate Institute of Accounting, Soochow University
▸Current Employment
 >Independent Director, Yuanta Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
 >Independent Director, Lite-On Technology Corp.
 >Independent Director, Walsin Lihwa Corporation
 >Independent Director, Yuanta Commercial Bank
 >Independent Director, Tung Hua Book Co., LTD.
Member ZHENG, AN-LI (Independent Director)
 >Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine, National Taiwan University
▸Current Employment
 >Distinguished Chair Professor, National Taiwan University
Member CHANG, MING-DAO (Independent Director)
 >MBA, Graduate School of Law, Chinese Culture University
▸Current Employment
 >Chaireman of the Bank of Panhsin
 >Independent Director, PharmaEngine Inc.
 >Ph.D., School of Industrial Relations and Human Resources, Michigan State University
▸Current Employment
 >Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management, National Central University
 >Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Industrial Business Management, National Taiwan University
 >Committee Vice Chairman, Human Resource & Education Orientation Management, General Chamber of Commerce of the R.O.C.
 >Chairman, Labor Data Research Center Foundation
 >Committee, Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health, Ministry of Labor
 >Advisor, Leader Campus of CommonWealth