TTY has undergone several important strategic leaps since our founding, in order to continually challenge ourselves, create excellence, and construct an everlasting foundation. We have successfully transformed into an innovative international biotech pharmaceutical company oriented towards new drug development. We devote ourselves to developing and manufacturing special drug formulations that meet currently unsatisfied medical needs, biological derivatives, and innovative breakthrough new drugs. We specialize in international level development in the anti-cancer field, and continually work on our development and marketing of drugs countering severe infection. We are also the best cooperation partner for international biotech companies. Through our well-rounded organizational performance and human resource development, training and management, every associate of TTY is endowed with such a broad vision and outlook. Not only can we comprehensively grasp the organizational strategic direction in real time, the intent of goals defined for the short, medium, and long terms, we also understand deeply about the departmental goals and their link towards goals at both the organizational and personal level. This realizes self-definition and value within our organization, and enables continued growth with the organization, opening up new career horizons and enriching our lives!