Recruitment process
As a bellwether in the domestic biotechnology industry, TTY has clearly defined talent assessment standards. Key criteria do not only include career experience, professional abilities, and positions that applicants apply for but also moral character qualities. We are constantly exploring the outstanding co-workers who suit our corporate culture.
Our recruitment is carried out via a single online platform. Applications may be submitted via 104 Job Bank or QR code. Candidates who pass supervisor reviews may be invited to attend interviews held at different locations depending on work sites. General procedures require all applicants to proceed to the Nangang Headquarter for a 30-minute aptitude test. Interviews for professional areas are conducted in accordance with department demands.
Applicants are required to send a standardized form to HR no later than one day prior to the interview. On the day of the interview, you are not required to bring a resume. Other reference documents such as patents, theses, or portfolios may be presented as deemed necessary. A minimum of a half day should be preserved for the interview since several supervisors may be involved in the process. Our interviewers guarantee that you will gain a lot from the interview process. If the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration publicly announces office closures for the interview location or your place of residence due to natural disasters (typhoons and earthquakes) or other force majeure factors, interviews will be postponed and you will be re-invited by HR. We firmly believe that you will get through the interview with ease if you are confident, well-prepared, and dress and behave in an appropriate manner.
Above shows the general recruitment procedures. Actual conditions may vary depending on department demands. Please wait patiently to join the TTY family if you have received a notice.