Energy Conservation & GHG Emission
Following the position of leading biopharm companies in Taiwan, TTY is deeply concerned about public health risks. To achieve the commitments "sustainable development" and "responsible for any resources used", a reduction of energy consumption has always been one of TTY Biopharm's major goals. In the future, TTY will continuously evaluates the procurement or adding green energy and energy saving facilities, establish green supplier management system and join climate initiative organization or alliance. It is expected that TTY may carry out energy management and environmental protection management policies via physical actions in term of energy saving and carbon reduction and seeking for alternative energies.

Policy goals

Review the past years, energy useage and greenhouse gas emissions have increased due to increased productivity. To make effective use of energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, TTY Biopharm has plan short-, medium- and long-term energy conservation and carbon reduction goals in 2023:

• Inspection for ISO 14064-1 GHG completed.
• 2% more energy conserved than 2021 as a result of improvement in energy saving measures.
• Assess the adaptation of environmental packing materials, and increase the procurement ratio of equipment and products with environmental labels.
• Waste management policy-waste resources recycling to reach 3 tons in total.
• Enhance toxic substance management by reinforcing toxic substance professional management training.
• Organize 2 environmental sustainability promotions every year.

In year 2022, following the Bureau of Energy's "Energy Conservation Goals and Implementation Plans for Energy Users", two major TTY manufacturing sites, both Lioudu and Chungli factories, through the 8 energy-saving measures have conserved 163,225.93 kWh of electricity. CO2 emissions decreased by 83.08 tonCO2e compared to the previous periods.

Based on the goals we set, the measures taken are as follows:

Year Lioudu Factory Chungli Factory
2018 New natural gas boilers system adjustment, cold water system adjustment, replace the oil boiler to enhance effectivity Green LED lights, adjust hot water pumps pressure to lower the motor operating frequency
2019 Green LED lights, cold water temperature control Cooling system, consolidation of chiller units
2020 Green LED lights, cooling water pump operation control Consolidation of chiller units, green LED lights, lower chiller pumps operation frequency
2021 Green LED lights, installed auto. dosing machine to cooling tower for enhance cooling efficiency Green LED lights, chiller pumps installed converter
2022 Green LED lights, cold water temperature control, fans and motor control of cooling tower Green LED lights, cooling system control

We counted an additional 473,549MJ of consumption and 206 tonCO2e emissions in year 2022 as a result of the lyophilized products production at the Lioudu B1 factory, and the non-stop operation of a temperature-humidity fixed clean room for powder and injection production at the B3 factory. 2 major manufacturing sites of Lioudu factory and Chungli factory had reduced 163,225.93 kWh of electricity and 83.08 tonCO2e via 8 electricity saving measures with energy and GHG intensity dropped effectively.
In year 2022, we calculated a total of 8,973,000 kWh of outsourced and 390,900m3 of natural gas consumption at the Liouodu factory; and 5,441,800 kWh and 178,594m3 at the Chungli factory, which combined 70,964,495 MJ of consumption and a 4.76% reduction of energy use. In the future, TTY shall continue to work to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions through improved electricity saving measures and higher energy efficacy practice.