TTY's Actions

TTY for Water Resources
TTY has committed to cherishing and protecting water resources. This echoes SDG 14 of the United Nation’s 17 SDGs, and this activity also targets the sub-item 2 of SDG 14, described “sustain manage, and protect marine and coastal ecosystems to avoid significant adverse impacts, including by strengthening their resilience and take action for their restoration, to achieve healthy and productive oceans”.
we decided to walk out of our offices and factories and start picking up unwanted trash along the creeks and on the beach. Through this event, TTY’s employees realized how water is directly impacted by human activities. In 2019, a total of 7 events cleaned up more than 350kg of waste, with the help of over 100 volunteers. These actions have given our water resources a clean and fresh appearance and have helped build our environment into a sustainable and environmentally friendly home.



Tamsui River Pact
TTY takes pride in effective water conservation. In association with SDGs 14.1 which indicates “preventing and significantly reducing marine pollution of all kinds”, we participated in the “Do One Thing for the Tamsui River”, a water conservation initiative hosted by the Commonwealth Magazine in June.
On November 7th, a Tamsui Traveler-guided tour of the “Tamsui River Pact” was organized to encourage employee participation in public governance, as a responsible water system citizen. The devotion and impact from our organization to involve our employees as corporate citizens shows our commitment to fulfilling the obligation of the 5 promises to protect our Tamsui River environment, along with the mission of the sustainable development of the Taiwan ecology.
1. Wastewater discharge within standards
2. Supervision to ensure no illegal dumping
3. Green purchase
4. Inspire employee participation in the public governance of the Tamsui River System
5. TTY DFC for environmental conservation

The guided historic tour hosted by TTY and Tamsui Traveler was meant to show the importance of the Tamsui River ecology, the human culture developed around it, and how the landscape has changed throughout history. By foot and on the ferry, the guide and role-model fishermen walked us through the journey and encouraged our colleagues and their families then took part in the coast-cleaning operation, where the importance of environmental conservation was conveyed and reinforced. We practiced how to love our planet in daily life, and participated in the public governance of the Tamsui River System.
TTY developed a DFC (Design for Change) to highlight the urgency of environmental conservation by showing our employees a river biology-related documentary film named “The Confessions of a River Creature”, and expected to incorporate the idea of corporate sustainable development into everyday actions.


Dajia Riverside Park Clean Activity
TTY independently contacted the Department of Environmental Protection Taipei City Government and cooperated with the Taipei water environment patrol team to hold the Dajia Riverside Park Clean activity in October 2021, and invited a subsidiary, TSH Biopharm, to join. Nearly 60 volunteers participated in the event. It not only enabled employees to participate in public governance and become a responsible corporate citizen, but also helped everyone better understand hydrological knowledge. It also served as a response to the water resources protection action initiative of CommonWealth magazine, "Do One Thing for Tamsui River", an initiative aimed at reducing environmental and water quality pollution in daily life to improve Taiwan's water resources.


According to the data analysis of 38 river water quality monitoring stations of the Environmental Protection Administration in the Tamsui River Basin, in year 2020, the seriously polluted river section in the Tamsui River Basin (the RPI value of the river pollution index exceeded 6) was 18.6 km long, accounting for 5.7% of the basin; the worst pollution that has been recorded since year 2015. The Dajia Riverside Park is on the Keelung River course, which is 1 of the 3 branches of the Tamsui River Basin, so the poor water quality also affected further. TTY carried out a stream cleaning activity in Dajia Riverside Park by picking up and cleaning garbage by the stream. It also called on the public to cherish water resources and the environment, coexist with nature and create a better future. TTY hopes that corporate participation and influence will motivate all colleagues to fulfill their obligations as corporate citizens, implement the following 5 environmental protection commitments, protect the Tamsui river environment, and jointly achieve our sustainable development goals for Taiwan's environment.