Talent Development Program (TDP)
We understand deeply that in order to seek success tomorrow, we cannot ignore talent today. To train talents capable of future leadership for the organization, we’ve devoted great efforts in building a culture of talent development within the TTY group, and to build up a complete and faithful “Talent Development Committee”. Through exchange and integration of resources and knowledge within the group, we provide our coworkers with more diversified career choices and wider stages, and hope the help find the best developmental goals and plans jointly with our coworkers that best matches the organizational demand and personal interest!東洋大學人才發展計畫
Customized personal development goals are formulated for core talent selected and admitted by the “Talent Development Committee”. Regular feedback and guidance is provided in a prompt manner and adequate development programs are devised in accordance with development and performance conditions at each stage.東洋大學人才發展計畫